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Wellington encourages all residents to “Recycle Right Every Day.” Recycling benefits everyone. For a more detailed description of the materials you can recycle, including electronic and household hazard waste visit Solid Waste Authority's Recycling Information page.

Small containers are provided for curbside collection. Large containers are only available to multi-family complexes.

To report a missed pick-up, please submit a request through GoWellington.

Recycling Guidelines

1 Day/Week

Blue Containers

Yellow Containers

Unacceptable Recycling

Cardboard (large cardboard that is not cut and flattened should be put out on your regular bulk pickup day)
Aluminum foil or pans
Cartons: milk, juice (lids on), drink boxes (no pouches)
Cardboard paper rolls
Foam products, paper plates, paper towels, napkins, shredded paper
Glass  bottles and jars (lids off)
Dry food boxes , pizza boxes (no food stains)
Light bulbs
Plastic bottles and containers (lids must be on and they must be 2 gallons or less)
Magazines, mail, newspaper inserts, office and school paper
Plastic bags, plastic eating utensils