Building Inspections

Schedule an Inspection

Inspections may be scheduled 24 hours a day for any business day or up to midnight for the following business day.

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Time of Arrival Information

To obtain the approximate time of arrival of your inspector, you must contact your inspector between 7 and 7:30 a.m. the morning of your inspection by dialing 561-753-2430 or directly at the inspector directory.

  1. Matt Mills, CBO

    Chief Building Inspector
    Phone: 561-753-2507

  2. David Hill

    Senior Building Inspector
    Phone: 561-753-2579

  3. Daryl Sholar

    Senior Construction Inspector/Plumbing, Mechanical
    Phone: 561-753-2575

  4. Joseph Crisafulle

    Building Inspector
    Phone: 561-753-2528

  5. Melvin Corredor

    Building Inspector
    Phone: 561-753-2452 (Habla Español)

  6. Ronny Wuraftic

    Electrical Plan Examiner/Inspector
    Phone: 561-753-2462

  7. Kumar Arjune

    Building Inspector/Structural
    Phone: 561-753-2592

  8. Laumary Carrasquel

    Building Inspector/Structural
    Phone: 561-753-2573 (Habla Español)