Construction & Demolition Debris

Construction & Demolition Service

Construction and demolition debris are not included in curbside residential service. Residents who have a demolition or construction project or anticipate a large amount of refuse should lease a roll-off container from a hauler permitted in Wellington.

These materials include:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Lumber
  • Pipe
  • Roofing Materials
  • Steel

Loose items such as drywall and floor tile should be containerized with each container weighing less than 50 pounds.  No concrete or rock material will be collected. Fencing and shipping/storage pallets will not be collected as they are not classified as building debris. Collection is limited to  2 cubic yards of debris a week, for example, a pile cannot exceed 6 ft. x 6 ft. x 6 ft. Debris placed on property not owned by the customer generating the debris, placed on vacant parcels, or deposited on Wellington rights-of-ways such as canal banks may be considered illegal dumping as outlined by Florida State Statute 403.413, “Florida Litter Law” and referred to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Please check with the Village of Wellington’s Building Department, if you need any permits for the construction or demolition work being done.

Collection Service Companies

View a list of permitted roll-off collection service companies.