Expedited Permitting Policy

Expedited Application and Permit Processing for Affordable Housing Development

Policy Number: VW-A-031

Effective Date: August 28, 2023

Purpose. To establish a policy with guidelines and procedures for expediting permitting and development applications for affordable housing projects within the Village of Wellington. The Expedited Permitting Policy (“Policy”) is an affordable housing initiative aimed to streamline and accelerate the development of affordable housing projects, while ensuring the projects meet Wellington’s Land Development Regulations (LDR), along with any safety regulations, environmental regulations, and other requirements as set forth in The Live Local Act of 2023.

Applicability. The specific procedures and guidelines of this Policy shall be applicable to applications for affordable housing projects in accordance to Senate Bill 102 (a.k.a. Live Local Act) passed by the 2023 Florida Legislature.

Authority. The Village of Wellington Planning, Zoning, and Building Director, or designee, shall be responsible for the implementation of this Policy and any required future updates.

Definitions. Affordable (as defined in section 420.9071, F.S.): means monthly rents or monthly mortgage payments, including taxes and insurance, do not exceed 30% of that amount which represents the percentage of the median annual gross income for the households.

Expedited Permitting Process: is a development application or permit review process to achieve a higher degree of priority for certain applications/permits, i.e. affordable housing development projects.

Housing Incentive Strategy (as defined in section 420.9071, F.S.): is a local regulatory reform or incentive program to encourage or facilitate affordable housing development.

Eligibility. Eligible applicants are those that propose affordable housing development and meet construction credentials (i.e. housing developers, general construction builders, non-profit or for-profit housing agencies, etc.) in accordance to Senate Bill 102.

Expedited Review Process.

  1. Designated Point of Contact: Wellington shall designate a liaison to be the point of contact to guide affordable housing developers/entities through the application/permit process to ensure the review and approval is expedited at all stages.
  2. Scheduled Timeline Reviews: Wellington shall set specific fast-paced, but reasonable, timelines pertaining to each department throughout the Development Review process. The designated point of contact will ensure the deadlines are met and hold all parties accountable.
  3. Expedited Fee Waivers: Wellington may provide fee reductions or waivers for affordable housing project(s) to reduce the cost of the development.