Foreclosure / Vacant Property Information

The Village of Wellington is dedicated to upholding the well-being and safety of its residents by maintaining the quality of structures and properties within the locality. Properties left unattended and insecure hurt the community, fostering an environment that promotes criminal behavior. Frequently, properties undergoing foreclosure or owned by absentee landlords are located out of state, posing challenges in identifying the appropriate parties responsible for addressing violations and ensuring proper maintenance and security for these properties. To alleviate these detrimental consequences, The Village of Wellington has instituted a property registration procedure to designate a point of contact responsible for addressing violations for both vacant properties and those undergoing foreclosure.

To submit the application and pay online; please visit:

You must register online then apply for a ‘Foreclosed Property Registration’

The Foreclosure/Vacant Property registration fee is $150.

NOTE: Registration will not be effective until payment is received.

Any questions concerning registration, requirements, registration status, and more should be directed to: