Balancing Act and Taxpayer Receipt

Wellington introduces two innovative tools to gather public input and provide information as it continues with budget development this summer.


Balancing Act Simulation

  • Balancing Act is an online, interactive workshop that allows residents to share their priorities for the Village budget: what to keep, what to add, and where to cut. Share your thoughts from home or on the go.

The Village wants to hear from residents about what programs and services are the most important, and what funding decisions you would like to change.

  • Balancing Act allows residents to review and choose from some of the same options the Village considers each year: Cut expenses by reducing services or projects? Raise revenues by increasing property taxes?

The online workspace includes information about Village departments and the services they provide and allows users to see how changes affect different areas of the budget.

Taxpayer Receipt

  • Taxpayer Receipt allows residents to see how the Village spends tax dollars by providing an unofficial, itemized receipt.
  • Taxpayer Receipt shows residents how the Village is spending tax dollars, with a breakdown of programs and services supported by residents' tax dollars.

How would you balance Wellington's budget?

Take a few moments and show us how you would balance Wellington's budget

Review your taxpayer receipt