Housing Rehabilitation Contractor Information

Wellington's two grant programs require quotes from licensed general contractors for the rehabilitation of residential properties. 

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Contractor Information

If you have been awarded a project, please read the following items relating to vendor registration and insurance requirements.

Vendor Self-Service Portal

You may access the registration page by visiting  www.wellingtonfl.gov/purchasing. Click the “Vendor Self Service” link listed under Quick Links on the right side of the page. Upon completion of registration, Village staff will review the submission to ensure all information has been provided.

 Please note the following when registering.

  1.  A valid W-9 is required as part of the approval process and can be uploaded after registration has been completed.
  2. A certificate of insurance is required for all vendors who will be providing a service to the Village. The COI should list the Village of Wellington as the certificate holder and name the Village of Wellington as additional insured.
  3. E-Verify MOU – “Memo of Understanding” is required. This can be found in your E-Verify account under “edit company file”. If you are not currently registered, please go to the Department of Homeland Security website: https://www.e-verify.gov to register.

Licenses, Permits, Insurance

It shall be the responsibility of the successful submitter to obtain, at no additional cost to Wellington, any licenses and permits required to complete this project. The successful bidder must submit, no later than ten days after award and before the commencement of any work, a Certificate of Insurance naming the Village of Wellington and the homeowner as additional insured.

If the successful submitter does not have current registration with Wellington, a copy of the current license and insurance certificates shall be submitted with a quote.

  • General Liability – Insurance with each occurrence limit of not less than $1 million per personal injury, advertising injury liability of not less than $1 million, and general aggregate of not less than $1 million. The Village of Wellington and the Owner shall be listed as additional insureds and coverage shall be on a Primary and Non-Contributory Basis.

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance – In accordance with statutory requirements and Employer’s Liability insurance with limits not less than $100,000 “each accident”, $100,000 for each disease, and not less than $500,000 aggregate

  • Automobile Liability Insurance: For owned vehicles, non-owned vehicles & hired vehicles – coverage shall provide minimum limits of liability of $1 million per accident Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage.  This coverage shall be an “Any Auto” type policy.  Village of Wellington and Owner to be named as additional insureds.

 Any liability coverage on claims made basis shall remain effective for not less than five (5) years after final payment.