Adopt-A-Street Program

The Adopt-A-Street program aids in beautifying Wellington by removing litter in the Village of Wellington right-of-ways.

How to Participate in the Program

  1. Select a street section that is available from the Available Street Sections list.
  2. Submit a completed application, litter removal agreement, safety sheet, and payment (if applicable). Please contact Michelle Diaz to get the paperwork needed to participate in the program.
  3. Clean your adopted street section at least four (4) times a year.
Available Street Sections:
No Vacancies Available

Sponsors can adopt a street section for two (2) years, with the option to renew at the end of the agreement. A notice for renewal will be sent if your agreement has expired or is set to expire soon. Two (2) renewal notices sent with no correspondence from the sponsor within ten (10) days of the final renewal notice will result in the termination of the agreement.

Program Fee

For-profit groups will have to pay a program fee to cover the cost of the signs that will be installed at each end of the section. The fee is waived for non-profit groups.

Program Fee:

Quarterly Litter Pick-Up

  • Sponsors must complete at least four (4) litter pick-ups per year along their adopted street segment. 
  • Safety equipment, garbage bags, and signs will be provided by the Village of Wellington to conduct the pick-up, at no cost. 
  • Groups will be able to hold onto the equipment for future pick-ups.
  • Once a pick-up has been completed, you must contact Diana Brown or Michelle Diaz and inform us of the date the pick-up occurred and the total number of litter bags that were collected.

To get the safety equipment, please contact Diana Brown to schedule a visit to pick up supplies or replace damaged supplies.

If you are interested in the program, please contact Michelle Diaz for more information.

  1. Michelle Diaz

    Administrative Coordinator

  2. Diana Brown

    Senior Administrative Coordinator