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Wellington has partnered with FlashVote to launch a new platform to make it easier for residents to give their feedback. This new survey tool gives participants a convenient way to have a voice in Village government through text, email, or voice responses.

FlashVote is a leading platform for online voting and public engagement and makes it easy for residents to participate in the decision-making process and provide valuable feedback on issues that matter to them. FlashVote will help Wellington staff acquire statistically valid information directly from Village residents, to inform decisions on services, programs, and initiatives. 

Sign-Up Today

Village residents may sign up now at flashvote, or call 775-235-2240 to participate by phone or text only.

Sign-up takes less than one minute and input is kept anonymous. You will be able to choose how surveys you want to receive, and whether you want to receive them by email, text, or phone call. You will receive a notification whenever there is a new survey, and will have 48 hours to participate before voting closes. Once a survey is closed, everyone who participated will automatically receive a summary of the overall results and be able to see how their responses compare to the group.