F.L.O.W.E.R. Award

The Village of Wellington's Council implemented the Fabulous Landscapes of Wellington Earning Recognition (F.L.O.W.E.R.) Award to recognize and show appreciation for outstanding landscape designs and Maintenance. Awards are made for two categories:

  1. Residential and/or commercial/business property owners/renters.
  2. To recognize the preservation and care of Unique Trees.

This award is given out every year. Nomination applications must be submitted by February 15th.

Applications for nominations may be submitted by others or self-nominated. There is no fee for submissions.

Award Criteria for Evaluation (100 Points Total)
Curb appeal - free of trash and debris10 Points
Incorporate a minimum of fifty percent native landscaping25 Points
Florida-Friendly Landscaping/environmentally friendly landscaping35 Points
Special theme or style landscape10 Points
Submit 2 to 3 high quality photos of landscape/tree10 Points
Landscape/tree should be visible from street side of property10 Points

Nominations are reviewed by the Tree Board and the Landscape Maintenance Superintendent and voted on at the Tree Board meeting. Winning nominees will be notified.

Winning recipients will be given a specially designed award sign to place at the winning location and an invitation to the Earth Day/Arbor Day Celebration in April to accept their award.


Submissions for 2023 are currently closed.

To get a PDF version of the information and application, please contact Michelle Diaz.