Planning & Zoning


The Division administers the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations for all properties and uses within Wellington to ensure development and property use meet Wellington's high standards.

Planning and Zoning Active Project Applications

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All information and documentation for petitions submitted after June 2019 can be viewed by clicking the Project Link "View" button once in the Active Projects Application. The hyperlink is linked to the petition (also known as Plan) or Project within the Customer Self Service portal. It is best to use the Google Chrome Browser when opening the Active Project Applications link above.  You may also Click Here to search documents. Online access to view the status of planning applications submitted prior to June 2019 has been disabled as that system is no longer in use. To receive an update or to request information about a petition that does not have a hyperlink, please contact the Project Manager assigned to that project.

Planning and Zoning Interactive Map
Future Land Use Map (PDF)
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Code of Ordinances
Land Development Regulations

Submit a Plan (Application) Online:

The Planning and Zoning Department has gone electronic! All Plans/Application MUST be submitted online.  Visit the Customer Self Service (CSS) Portal to submit a Plan (Application), pay invoices, or search public records. Visit the CSS User Guide for detailed instructions on how to navigate the CSS system.