Neighborhood Services

The Neighborhood Services Division is committed to preserving Wellington’s hometown character while working to improve the quality of life through projects and programs that meet the needs of our Wellington residents. Neighborhood Services staff is responsible for the development, administration, and implementation of various Federal and local grant-funded programs that improve the quality of life and assist the low-to-moderate income households living in Wellington. Neighborhood Services works in partnership with The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office through the Neighborhood Watch program, to educate residents in a neighborhood on safety and security. When criminal activity is suspected, residents are encouraged to report to the authorities and not to intervene. Neighborhood Services works to create a safe and more inclusive community through neighborhood partnerships by maintaining communication among Wellington Homeowners Associations, Wellington organizations, faith-based groups, residents, businesses, and neighborhoods.


  • Establish neighborhood watch groups in all Wellington neighborhoods and business plazas.
  • Encourage residents to become engaged and work together to increase resident awareness.
  • Promote public safety and education in Wellington's communities.
  • Assist Wellington-eligible residents in need of housing rehabilitation assistance.