Purchasing is a Division of the Office of Financial Management and Budget Department.


The mission of the Purchasing Division is to economically procure materials, supplies, equipment, and services by conducting fair and open competition within applicable Florida Statutes, Wellington Ordinances and Resolutions.

Values Statement

The primary objectives of the procurement organization extends beyond the traditional belief that procurement’s primary role is to obtain goods and services in response to internal needs. These primary objectives include:

  • Support operational requirements 
  • Manage the purchasing and contracting process equitably, efficiently, and effectively 
  • Develop strong relationships with other functional groups and stakeholders 
  • Support organizational goals and objectives 

The Purchasing Department is committed to the fair, equitable, and timely acquisition of goods and services for the Village of Wellington, and to cultivating an ethical and professional environment. Using technology, competition, and best practices, we strive to bring the greatest value to the Village and its residents in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The Department embraces the Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement, which are:

  • Accountability 
  • Ethics 
  • Professionalism 
  • Services 
  • Transparency 
  • Fairness

Vision Statement

To contribute ethically to the strategic goals of the Village by employing technology and best practices to achieve efficiencies, transparency, cost savings and fairness in the Village’s daily procurement efforts to enhance a great hometown, great neighborhoods, great schools, and great parks.


Our website is designed to provide suppliers with the information needed to do business with Wellington. We encourage you to view our bid portal to retrieve bid documents, plans, bid tabulations and awards.

Website Purpose

We hope that this site will prove valuable and will assist in making your business experience with Wellington an efficient and pleasant one.