Message from the Director of Administrative and Financial Services

As the Director of Administrative and Financial Services, my responsibilities focus on both external customer service and the internal operations of Wellington. The performance measures used to evaluate this department's effectiveness in ensuring responsive governance include evaluating our audit findings, reviewing budget variances, ensuring error-free payrolls and a good bond rating. We not only service the residents but assist every department with preparing their budgets and ensuring all purchases are ethical and financially sound.

We welcome input from our residents and will strive to ensure sustainability through the next several years' economic challenges. Another part of ensuring sustainability includes protecting Wellington's assets and employees through risk management, insurance coverage and safety training. This aspect includes providing professional risk management services including claims administration, risk assessment and mitigation to minimize risk exposure.


To provide high quality services that create economic, environmental, and social sustainability for residents and businesses.


A Great Hometown: Great Neighborhoods, Great Schools and Great Parks.


Wellington Earns Top Honors for Budget, 20 years running!