Changes To My Business

A new Business Tax Receipt (BTR) application must be completed and submitted for any changes made to the business. The Business Owner is responsible for notifying Wellington of any changes in the business. These changes include:

  • Change of address from one commercial location to another, or from a home-based location to a commercial location (all address changes to commercial locations require a Fire Safety inspection prior to submitting the new application).
  • Change of address from a commercial location to a home-based location, or from a home-based location to another home-based location, the business owner must provide a copy of the Property Appraiser record search showing the applicant as the owner or a recorded Warranty Deed if the website does not show the updated owner information and/or Lease Agreement.

 ***Any time a business changes locations the Zoning Department will review the change to verify compliance with Wellington’s Land Development Regulations regarding land use and zoning codes***

  • Change of Mailing address: business owner must submit a new BTR application for processing.
  • Change of business name: business owner must include Articles of Incorporation and/or Fictitious Name registration for new business name.
  • Sale of Business/Transfer of Ownership: all changes of ownership for commercial locations require a Fire Safety inspection prior to submitting the new application as well as a Bill of Sale.
  • Change of Business Operations: all changes affecting the services offered/ nature of the business must be submitted with any applicable state licenses to change the business classification; additional licenses/fees may apply) **New business services may be subject to Planning & Zoning Review**

 For a list of any fees associated with the changes listed, please visit the Fees & Penalties Page.