Rental Properties

Rental Property Information and Requirements

Wellington’s Code of Ordinances 2014-31 requires property owners who lease or rent residential dwelling units to obtain a valid Business Tax Receipt (BTR). In addition, applicants are required to comply with Wellington’s  Land Development Regulations' definition of “Family” when leasing or renting the property. 

 “Family means either a single person occupying a dwelling unit and maintaining a household, including not more than one(1) boarder, roomer, or lodger as herein described; or two (2) or more persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption occupying a dwelling living together and maintaining a common household, including not more than one(1) such boarder, roomer, or lodger; or not more than four (4) unrelated persons occupying a dwelling, living together and maintaining a non-profit housekeeping unit as distinguished from a group occupying a boarding or lodging house, hotel, club or similar dwelling for group use. A common household shall be deemed to exist if all members thereof have access to all parts of the dwelling.”

Applicants shall complete the rental property application and pay the required fees prior to renting or leasing.

Rental Property Business Tax Receipt Submittal Checklist

  • Application for Wellington Rental Business Tax Receipt
  • Fictitious Name Registration and/or Articles of Incorporation (if applicable)
  • Wellington non-refundable Administration fee, Zoning review fee, & Tax and Unit fees (See Fees & Penalties Tab)
  • A copy of the Owner’s Driver’s License
  • Copies of the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser website for each property rented 

How to Submit Your Property Business Tax Application

Completed applications and required documents can be emailed to for processing, mailed to City Hall (12300 Forest Hill Boulevard), or submitted in person at City Hall Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm. Please send all documents in the same email/envelope to avoid delays in processing your application. The fees will be invoiced once the application is processed.