Home-Based Businesses

Home-based businesses or occupations include businesses or trades conducted within a dwelling unit that result in a financial gain for the resident of the dwelling unit. The primary use of the dwelling must be for residential purposes and no more than 15 % of the total floor area of the dwelling may be used for business purposes. BTR fees home-based businesses or home occupations depend on the type of industry.

Home-Based Business Submittal Checklist

  • Wellington Local Business Tax Receipt Application
  • Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipt Application
  • Fictitious Name Registration and/or Articles of Incorporation (If applicable)
  • A copy of a valid State license (state licensed professionals only) **the business tax receipt will not be issued until the state license has been submitted** 
  • Wellington registration fee, tax, and/or application fees
  • Business Narrative describing in detail the nature of the business at the specified address
  • A copy of your State Issued Driver’s License or Government Issued ID with the current address per Florida Statute 322.19

How to Submit Your Home-Based Business Application

Completed applications and required documents can be emailed to BTR@Wellingtonfl.gov for processing, mailed to City Hall (12300 Forest Hill Boulevard), or submitted in person at City Hall Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm. Please send all documents in the same email/envelope to avoid delays in processing your application. The fees will be invoiced once the application is processed. 

Home-Based Business Land Development Regulations (LDR) Requirements

Home Occupation: A home occupation shall be subject to the following supplementary use standards pursuant to Section 6.2.2.B.12 of the Land Development Regulations (LDR): 

  1. The home-based business shall be clearly incidental and secondary to the residential use of the building and shall be confined more than 15% of the total floor area of the dwelling.
  2. A home-based business, with the exception of outside instructional services, shall be conducted within the principal dwelling, and shall not be conducted within any accessory building or structure or within any open porch or carport that is attached to and part of the principal structure.
  3. The home occupation shall not change the essential residential character of the dwelling in terms of exterior appearance and interior space.
  4. Employees of the home-based business must also reside in the residential dwelling. A maximum of two (2) employees or independent contractors who do not reside at the residence may work at the home-based business. The business may have additional remote employees that do not work at the residence.
  5. No external evidence or sign shall advertise, display, or otherwise indicate the presence of the home-based business, nor shall the street address of the home-based business be advertised through signs, billboards, television, radio, newspapers, internet or other media. Advertising on vehicles shall be limited to the minimum necessary to meet code requirements as mandated by PBC Contractors Certification Division or Florida Statutes.
  6. The home-based business may not conduct retail transaction at a structure other than the residential dwelling. However, incidental business uses and activities may be conducted at the residential property.
  7. Instructional services, which by their nature, must be conducted outside of the principal structure, such as swimming lessons, shall not be viewed from the rights-of-way.
  8. No equipment or materials used in the home occupation shall be stored or displayed outside of the dwelling including driveways.
  9. Parking related to the activities of the home-based business may not be greater in volume than would normally be expected at a similar residence where no business is conducted. Vehicles and trailers used in connection with the business must be parked in legal parking spaces that are not located within a right-of-way, on or over a sidewalk, or on any unimproved surfaces at the residence.
  10. Commercial vehicles shall follow the Commercial Vehicle requirements in the Code of Ordinances.