Guide to Doing Business in Wellington

Application Requirement Guide for Local Business Tax Receipt (BTR):

A completed application packet is required; failure to submit all required documentation shall cause the Business Tax Receipt (BTR) application to be returned.

Prior to issuance, all BTR applications are required to be reviewed and approved by the Planning and Zoning Division (561-791-4000) to assure compliance with Wellington’s Land Development Regulations regarding land use and zoning codes.

Any structural or interior modifications may require prior approval and/or permits from the Building Division 561-753-2430.

All business tax receipts expire September 30th of each year.

No Refunds will be made for businesses closed during the full fiscal year period.

Before submitting your application, make sure you have the following information ready to be included with the application:

  • If you are not using your full legal name for your business, you must present proof of your fictitious name or corporate documents. A business using a fictitious name must submit a copy of the current Certificate of Registration from the Florida Department of State. For more information about fictitious names, call 850-245-6058. Those using a corporate name must submit a copy of the corporation's current Certificate of Status from the State of Florida. For more information about corporations, call 850-245-6052. Visit the Florida Division of Corporations website to find Fictitious Names and Certificates of Registration.
  • Federal Employer Identification, Tax ID number or Social Security number. All information provided will become part of the public record; however, Social Security Numbers have protection under the confidentiality laws of the State of Florida.
  • Palm Beach County Local Business Tax Receipt Application
  • A copy of a valid State License, (state licensed professionals only) **the business tax receipt shall not be issued until the state license has been provided**
  • A copy of the Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy (new buildings, build-outs, or interior renovations only) **A Business Tax Receipt shall not be issued prior to CC or CO **
  • Fire Inspection and sign-off (All new commercial businesses and changes of ownership)    
  • A copy of your State Issues Driver’s License or Government issued ID with the current address per Florida Statute 322.19.
  • A copy of the Bill of Sale for a change of ownership
  • A copy of the Lease Agreement or Notarized Letter from the property owner (if applicable)
  • Business Narrative describing in detail the nature of the business at the specified address (home based businesses only)
  • If you plan to conduct business from your home, please read the Home Based Business Guidelines for more information.

Completed applications and required documents can be emailed to for processing, mailed to Village Hall (12300 Forest Hill Boulevard), or submitted in person at Village Hall Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm. Please send all documents in the same email/envelope to avoid delays in processing your application. The fees will be invoiced once the application is processed.