Rental Notification Assistance Ordinance

The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners approved Ordinance 14-81 requiring landlords to give tenants a written 60-day notice when:

  • Increasing rent by 5% or more

  • Terminating a rental agreement or lease 

Effective September 13, 2022, this amendment to the County Code will require landlords to give renters a 60-day written notification for either non-renewal of a residential lease, termination of a residential lease, or an increase of the rental rate by more than five percent. 

According to County officials, the ordinance is aimed at giving renters time to seek other living options if their rent goes up higher than what they can afford.

For complete details, read the Ordinance online.

To report a violation of the rental notice requirements email or call Code Compliance at 561-753-2560.