Election Signs in Wellington

There are 2 places where election signs can be posted in Wellington: (1) on private property or (2) at Wellington designated locations.

Signs on Private Property

The type of signs on private property are dependent on whether the property is zoned residential or commercial. In any case, property owners must provide permission for the signage.

Residential, Temporary Signs

Temporary Sign, Year-round

  1. Non-commercial sign
  2. 4 square feet max
  3. 5 feet from the property line

Additional Temporary Sign, 30 days prior to an election

  1. 1 sign for every 0.25 acre of property
  2. 4 square feet max per sign
  3. 5 feet from the property line
  • Max 8 square feet total sign area per 0.25 acre of property plus window sign 
  • Max 32 square feet of temporary signs per property

Commercial, Temporary Sign 30 days prior to an election

  • Post and panel sign
  • 8 feet max-height
  • Max of 1 sign per street frontage; oriented parallel to street frontage with only 1 side visible
  • Commercial property less than 1 acre or residential property greater than 1 acre: sign may be 16 square feet max 
  • Commercial property greater than 1 acre: max cumulative sign area 32 square feet

(Land Development Regulations, Article 7, Chapter 9)

Signs at Locations Designated by Wellington

These locations are made available by “roping” off an area of a public right-of-way. The areas are available either one business day prior to the start of early voting or 15 days, including Election Day, prior to an election. The following standards apply to signs in these areas:

  • Not exceed 16 square feet in area
  • Not exceed 6 feet in height, including supports
  • No more than 2 signs bearing the same message (candidate, issue, etc.)
  • Constructed of durable materials

(Resolution No. 2022-10; Policy VW-0-249)