Awards and Recognitions

Each day, Wellington's dedicated workforce preserves and enhances the quality of life that makes Wellington a Great Hometown by providing high-quality services that create economic, environmental, and social sustainability for Village residents. These services include reliable utility service, emergency preparation and response, well-maintained parks and recreation programs, and more. With a focus on the value and quality of the services delivered and the long-term fiscal health of the community, Wellington staff is committed to providing the highest level of customer service in all areas, increasing efficiency, and maintaining a vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Wellington has been recognized for excellence in operations, services provided to residents, parks and recreation programs, and more. Wellington continues to appear on national, data-driven ‘Best’ lists where cities’ rankings are assigned based on job market, safety, and quality of life numbers, just to name a few.

Wellington recognizes the contributions of the many residents, business partners, schools, and community members that help to make the Village a world-class place to live, work, and raise a family. 

Awards & Recognitions

Building Department

  • International Accreditation Services Building Department IAS Certificate of Accreditation (2022)
  • The Building Department received the highest classification for building code effectiveness from the Insurance Services Office (ISO). The department also improved its community rating system score for FEMA (from class 7 to class 6), resulting in a 20% reduction in flood insurance policies in flood hazard areas.

Water Utility Department

  • Most Improved Water Plant-Class A from the Florida Section American Water Works Association (2022)
  • Biosolids Excellence Award from the Florida Water Environment Association (2022)
  • Most Improved Water Treatment Plant in the State of Florida, in the Class A Category (2017) 
  • Wastewater Facility Award for Plant Operations Excellence (2015)
  • Wastewater Facility awarded the Florida Water Environment Association Biosolids Award for Biosolids/Residuals Program Excellence (2015) 

Parks & Recreation

The Village of Wellington Parks and Recreation department continues to be recognized as one of the elite park and recreation agencies and departments across the country by earning re-accreditation through the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA).  Wellington Parks and Recreation first achieved accreditation in 2009 and is one of only 24 accredited agencies in Florida and 138 in the country recognized for excellence in operations and service.

Safety Awards

  • Special Traffic Safety Initiatives Award for PBSO District 8 Operation Bent Metal & Broken Bottle (2023)
  • Distinguished Service Award for Enforcement for the Commercial Vehicle Unit (2022)
  • Distinguished Service Award for Special Traffic Safety Initiatives for Operation Bent Metal & Operation Broken Bottle (2022)
  • Excellence in Worker Safety (2022)
  • Excellence in Vehicle Safety  (2022)