Guidelines for Fences and Walls

Wellington's Hedges and Fences Ordinance 2021-18 went into effect on October 26, 2021.

Ordinance 2021-18 was passed as a means of creating a uniform appearance along all Wellington thoroughfares. 

Major thoroughfares (major roads)  shall be any roadway identified as Collector or Minor Arterial Roads on Figure 2 – Wellington’s Functional Road Classifications, in Article 9 of the Land Development Regulation.  

As a quick summary of Ordinance 2021-18, it provides for a single uniform hedge height, identifies five (5) specific hedge materials, provides for fencing setbacks and addresses maintenance requirements, all with the intention of creating a uniform, healthy appearance of hedges along Wellington thoroughfares.

All legal non-conforming fence and hedge types along a major thoroughfare must be replaced by December 31, 2026, with an approved fence and hedge type.


  1. Fences and Walls
  2. Hedges
  3. Replacement Requirements
  • All fences and walls shall be setback a minimum of five (5) feet from the property line or from the roadway easement when adjacent to a sidewalk or a public right-of-way to accommodate the required landscaping. A mesh privacy screen may be permitted on a chain link or aluminum rail fence to obtain privacy while the required hedge material is maturing. The mesh privacy screen shall be installed for the full length and height of the fence, kept in good repair with no holes, and shall be black, green, or brown to match the fence color. The mesh privacy screen shall be removed within 30 days of the required hedge achieving the height of the fence. 
  • The fence may include a gate and an opening in the hedge to allow the use of the gate. The gate shall be the same material as the fence. 
  • The finished side of all walls shall face the street or adjacent property. Walls shall be masonry, concrete, or brick. All masonry and concrete walls shall have a smooth finished coating on both sides and be painted on the sides that face the street or adjacent property with a non-glossy finish, shall match the color of any existing adjacent wall within the subdivision, as approved by the Architectural Review Board. If there is no adjacent wall or the property is not of an overall subdivision, the non-glossy finish and color shall comply with the Color Chart approved by the Architectural Review Board
  1. Maintenance Requirements
  • Irrigation shall be provided and maintained in working order for all hedges and plants along fences and walls. Irrigation shall be installed in a manner to guarantee the hedges outside the fence or wall receive proper irrigation.
  • Maintenance of fences shall comply with the following:
    - Fences and walls shall be maintained in good order and repair.
    - Painted surfaces of fences, walls, and other surfaces associated with fences and/or walls shall not be faded and shall be free of discoloration, staining, or peeling. 
    - Surfaces of a wall or fence shall be cleaned or repainted if either of the following occurs: 
              When 10% or more of the surface is stained or discolored; or
              When 5% or more of the paint is peeling off the surface.
  • Any broken, missing, deteriorated, dilapidated, or otherwise damaged portion of a fence, including boards, posts, slats, rails, stiles, structural members or elements, or fittings and any broken, chipped, missing, deteriorated, dilapidated, or otherwise damaged portion of walls shall be replaced. 
  • Fences and walls shall be maintained in an upright and vertical position, shall not be allowed to lean or to otherwise be out of plumb, and not have the hedge and vegetation material support the fencing. Fence rails and posts shall be structurally sound and shall not be bent, twisted, warped, or otherwise misshaped
  • If a hedge is determined to be more than 30% deteriorated, dead, or diseased it must be replaced. If a hedge shows more than 18 inches of the visible trunk at the base then the hedge has to be replaced with an approved hedge material.

Landscaping and hedges shall be maintained in a healthy condition and trimmed in a neat and orderly condition consistent with standard landscape practices.

The landscape bed on the thoroughfare must be mulched at all times.