SHIP Approved Projects List

Eligible Projects for Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Projects

Upon submission, the eligible projects listed in your application will be reviewed by a 3rd party inspector who will visit your property to determine if these projects are approved under our program qualifications. This process can take anywhere between (3-5 weeks) depending on the current demand for homes in need of repair. 

  • Repair/Replace Roof
  • Repair / Replace HVAC Systems
  • Repair/Replace electrical wiring and/or electrical panel boxes
  • Repair / Replace Insulation
  • Repair / Replace Water Heater
  • Install Handicap Accessibility Improvements (Ramps, grab bars, etc.)
  • Minor Plumbing Repairs
  • Replace Electrical Panel Boxes
  • Repair/Replace Handrails or Banisters
  • Extermination of Vermin/Termites
  • Install Hurricane Hardening Storm Panels, if the home does not already have storm protection
  • Repair / Replace Damaged interior and/or exterior walls
  • Repair/Replace Security Systems & Exterior Lighting
  • Repair / Replace Smoke Detectors

Eligible Projects for Emergency Replacement Assistance

  • Repair Roof
  • Repair electrical wiring
  • Minor Plumbing Repairs
  • Repair/Replace HVAC Systems
  • Repair/Replace Water Heater
  • Repair/ Replace Electrical Panel Boxes
  • Extermination of Vermin/Termites