Capital Improvement Projects

  1. Town Center Phase 2
  2. Aeroclub Drive & Big Blue Trace Landscaping 

Wellington began Construction on Town Center Phase 2 on April 4, 2022.

Building off the success of the lakefront promenade and docks (Phase 1), Town Center Project Phase 2 will provide greater use of the amphitheater by expanding the overall grass area that provides the seating for the events. Phase 2 will also create a designated food truck parking area, add a portable restroom area, and improve parking near the existing Wellington Community Center. This phase will also provide improved drainage to the existing Amphitheater green space, allowing for a future expansion of Scott’s Place barrier-free playground by 4,000 sqft. A holiday display area will be added adjacent to the Village’s 911 Patriot Memorial on Forest Hill Blvd.

Additional site improvements include four picnic pavilions, a Gateway Plaza with seating, colorful sun sails, and brick pavers to accommodate gatherings as well as expanding the overall amphitheater area. In an effort to minimize pedestrian crossing and prioritize pedestrian safety, Town Center Drive will also be relocated.

In total, the project is expected to be approximately $8.3 million. Phase 2 is comprised of two parts. Part 1 is the new parking area located between the Community Center and the back of Village Hall. This parking area is expected to be completed by mid-June 2022. Part 2 will focus on the green space expansion, food truck area, and infrastructure improvements; part 2 is expected to be completed by late April 2023.

Start Date: April 4, 2022
Expected Completion Date: March 2023 

Town center phase 2 project aerial map

Project Update 1 - April 2022

The Town Center Phase II Project is well underway as the Village's contractor continues prepping the site for the next steps in the construction process. Demolition continues this month, followed by the installation of the new parking area and green space.