A Message from the Clerk

My name is Chevelle Nubin and I am the Clerk for Wellington. The office of Clerk oversees a wide variety of official administrator duties and is charged with a variety of statutory responsibilities and other duties as dictated by Wellington's charter related to the daily business of Wellington. The Clerk's office serves as the records management liaison officer, the supervisor of elections for Wellington, and is the charter officer responsible for upkeep and maintenance of Wellington's code of ordinances.

The Clerk maintains custody of the municipal seal, attests to and signs official contracts and documents, maintains receipt of legal documents, administers and records oaths of office, and serves as liaison to Wellington's Council, as well as the various boards and committees that serve Wellington. It is our responsibility to keep all our residents up to date about any upcoming public meetings, events, activities, job opportunities and emergency preparation through Wellington's local broadcasting Channel 18 and local newspapers. Our goal is to maintain and enhance the document storage and retrieval system to expedite document search and reduce processing time. It is with our pleasure and outstanding customer service that we serve Wellington residents with any information requests within a timely and efficient manner.


To meet the service needs of our customers in a timely and efficient manner consistent with Wellington's standards, Council policies and procedures and state laws.


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