Capital Projects



Village Capital Projects

  1. Pierson Road Bridle Trail – 800’ east of South Shore to Southfields Road

    Status Update:  The Engineering Department is completing the design and construction documents.  Construction is anticipated in August 2017.

  2. South Shore Boulevard/Pierson Road Intersection Improvements
    Status Update:  The Work Order with Mock Roos for the intersection PD&E study and cost estimate development was approved at the April 12th Council meeting.  The design/permitting kickoff meeting took place on April 18th.  Mock Roos is currently working on the project and project schedule. 

  3. Scott’s Place – Lighting and Shade Improvements
    Status Update:  Smith Engineering has been authorized to complete the lighting and camera design.  The shade structure construction documents are currently in for permit and construction quotes are being obtained.  Construction of the shade structure is a priority and should commence construction within the next four to six weeks. 

  4. Pierson Road / South Shore Blvd. Northbound Right Turn Lane Extension
    Status Update:  100% design plans are complete.  The bids were received on April 19th.  Council approved the bid on May 9th.  The purchase order/contract has been issued.  A pre-construction meeting will be held the first week of June.  Construction is anticipated to commence in June 2017. 

  5. Big Blue Trace/Barberry

    Status Update:  Survey and design work is currently underway.  Presently, KHA submitted their proposal for design and permitting services.  This construction is anticipated to commence in June 2018. 

     The Engineering Department is also studying the roadway improvements near Wellington Elementary School to improve the drop off issue that currently exists in the right of way.  This construction is anticipated in August 2017.

  6. Big Blue Trace/Wiltshire
    Status Update:  Survey work is complete.  The design phase will begin in the very near future.  Construction is anticipated to commence in August 2017. 

  7. Forest Hill Boulevard/C-8 Canal Improvements
    Status Update:  Survey and design work are currently underway.  Construction is anticipated to commence in March 2018.

  8. Public Works Retention Area Project
    Status Update:  The project is on-hold.  The Village Engineering Department has taken over the site master plan project.   

  9. Stribling Road/Fairlane Farms Road Round-a-Bout Landscape
    Status Update:  The irrigation pump and irrigation piping is complete.  We are currently waiting on the control panel for the irrigation system.  The landscaping will be installed once irrigation water is available.  The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of June. 

  10. Wellington Community Center

    Status Update:  The contractor continues to finalize the punch list items for the project.  Weekly punch list walkthrough’s are being performed until Final Completion. Currently, the Engineering Staff has completed negotiation of close out issues (change orders and punch list items) with the contractor.  Final project closeout is anticipated in 38 days.

  11. Hawthorne Neighborhood Park Project:

    Status Update:  The remaining work will commence in the beginning of July 2017. Construction is anticipated to be completed in August 2017.

  12. Dorchester Park Observation Platform

    Status Update:  The structural design is complete.  We are waiting on the electrical design from our consultant.  Construction is anticipated to commence in August 2017.

 Miscellaneous Projects

  1. Forest Hill Boulevard Sink Hole Repair

    Status Update:  The project is scheduled to be under construction on June 5th  and the project is still on schedule.  This will be after school lets out for the summer break.   

  2. Forest Hill Boulevard Drainage Improvement Project – Near Ken Adams Way

    Status Update:  The project is the fix of a potential flooding problem.  The design was completed by the Engineering Department Staff and is currently being prepared for the bidding phase.

  3. Stratford Street Traffic Calming Project
    Status Update:  The traffic study is complete.  In lieu of speed humps, the Public Works Department will be constructing two 4-way stop intersections at Mystic Way/Stratford and Hickory Trail/Stratford.  To notify the traveling public, variable message boards (2) will be operational on Monday, May 22nd.  The signage will be installed and bagged.  The new traffic pattern at the intersections will be opened (bags removed) on Tuesday, June 6th.

  4. 12th Fairway Traffic Calming Project
    Status Update:  The traffic study is complete.  In lieu of speed humps, the Public Works Department will be constructing three 3-way stop intersections at Laurel Valley (east)/12th Fairway, Wyndcliff (south)/12th Fairway and Wyndcliff/Inverness Circle (westerly).  The construction schedule will be finalized after the Stratford Street traffic calming project is complete.

 Permitted Projects

  1. 40th Street Improvements – C-4/C-24 Culvert Project:
    Status Update:  The culvert project is complete.
    On several occasions, Village staff has requested an updated construction schedule from the developer’s contractor.  There has been no response.  Village staff’s review of the project and best guess indicates another 10 weeks until the project is substantially complete.  

UTILITIES – Capital Projects

Water Supply Improvements 

Raw Water Supply Evaluations:         Kimley Horn Authorized January 25th
                                                            Completion Date March 2017
                                                           Preliminary Data Received March 28th
                                                            Final Report Recommendations received and under review

Consumptive Use Permit Analysis     JLA Geosciences authorized December 17, 2016
                                                           Preliminary report reviewed and approved by Staff
                                                           Final report received


Comprehensive Water Supply Plan   Consultant TBD
                                                           Included in 2018 Capital                                                                                                                                                       Goal to have Work Authorization to Council in October 2017

 Water Recharge Evalution:                Higgins Engineering Authorized April 24, 2017
                                                           Scope:  Diversion and Impoundment Permit Review
                                                           Status:  Evaluation in process

Water Supply Well Rehabilitation:      All Webbs Enterprises

Work on hold pending recommendations from Raw Water Supply Evaluations

Water Treatment Plant Improvements

WTP Residuals Handling Analysis     Kimley Horn PO issued February 22nd.
                                                           Evaluation has commenced
                                                           Preliminary report scheduled for May 2017

2017 Renewal and Replacment         Kimley Horn Authorized January 25th
                                                            Design Completion Date August 2017
                                                           Project on schedule.

Fluoride System Installation                Kimley Horn authorized July 2016
                                                            Design completion August 2017
                                                            PBCHD Permit Issued February 8, 2017
                                                           Status:  Interim installation online May 16, 2017


Lime Plant Replacement                    Kimley Horn scope and fee approved by staff
                                                           Scope:  A master plan evaluation to replace the Lime Plant which is over 35 years
                                                           old with membrane treatment
                                                            Status:  Work Authorization to Council on June 13, 2017


Aerator Replacement                         Wharton Smith authorized on April 25, 2017
                                                           Notice to Proceed pending

Water Reclamation Facility Improvements

2017 Renewal and Replacement       Kimley Horn:  Authorization to Council February 28th


                                                                                Design completion date September 2017

                                                            Status:  Design finalization ongoning.  Project on schedule


Water Distribution/Sanitary Sewer/Forcemain Improvements

Water Model Development:                Mock Roos authorized on March 14th
                                                            Kick off meeting held on March 28th
                                                            Estimated completion October 2017
                                                            Status:  Project on schedule

SE Lake Wellington Area:                   Keshavarz authorized on March 14th

Scope: Condition Assessment report to consider replacement of all watermains and services and rehabilitation of gravity sanitary sewer system
Status:  Field work will commence on May 22nd and be complete on June 16th.  Residents have been notified.


Sugar Pond Area:                               Keshavarz and Associates authorized on April 25, 2017
Scope: Condition Assessment report to consider replacement of all watermains and services and rehabilitation of gravity sanitary sewer system
Status:  Kick off meeting scheduled for June 7th


Forcemain Model                                Mock Roos scope and fee approved by staff
                                                           Development of forcemain hydraulic model
                                                           Scheduled for Council in August 2017

WRMC Bypass/Meter                        Kimley Horn approved April 18th

Scope:  Project includes survey, design and construction of a new meter to provide redundancy to our largest customer
Status:  Survey complete and design ongoing


Southshore FM Replacement            Mock Roos scope and fee approved by staff

Preliminary Routing/Cost Study to replace forcemain from Forest Hill to Pierson Road

Scheduled for Council in August 2017.  Combined with Forcemain Model

Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Improvements

2017- 9 Stations PDR                         Mock Roos & Associates Authorized January 25th

Scope includes condition assessment of Lift Stations 5,18,39,41,44,47,61,74 and 85

Completion Date:  May 2017 – On Schedule


Systemwide Lift Station PDR             Mock Roos & Associates scope and fee approved by staff
Scope includes comprehensive evaluation of all 90 plus lift stations
Scheduled for Council June 13th


Village Royale Phase I                        Mock Roos & Associates Authorized December 16, 2016
Scope includes hydraulic analysis of lift stations upstream of Village Royale Tie In
Preliminary Analysis complete

Village Royale Phase II                       Mock Roos & Associates authorized March 28th
Scope:  includes hydraulic analysis of lift stations downstream of Village Royale Tie In.

Communications & Technology Improvements

TROPOS Phase I                               Kimley Horn Authorized on February 15th

                                                      Scope:  includes design to replace backhaul radio system

                                                      Status:  90 % Design Received.  Project on schedule.


WTP/WRC SCADA Upgrade             Process Control Consultant approved on May 9th

Scope:  Project includes upgrade from GE Ifix to Trihedral VTScada