Equestrian Preserve Committee



The Equestrian Preserve Committee shall provide advice upon the request of Council or the Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board on a) protecting and preserving land in the preserve as equestrian, b) safety of riders, c) flooding and drainage in the preserve, d) having representation within the city on policy and planning, e) permitting, zoning and code enforcement within the preserve, f) designating the equestrian preserve as permanent and inviolate, g) land development regulations as they apply to the preserve area, h) recommended equestrian projects for inclusion in the Capital Improvements Program, i) the design and/or configuration of equestrian capital.

Voting Members

  • Jane Cleveland, Chair 
  • Dr. Kristy Lund, Vice Chair 
  • Carol Cohen
  • Dr. Rachel Eidelman 
  • Dr. Sergio Guerreiro
  • Doug Hundt
  • Robert Bushey


Staff Liaison

  • Robert Basehart (561) 753-2578

EPC Meetings & Workshop Items

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