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Parks and Recreation - Special Events Approved Vendor RequestOpen
Architectural Services for Water Treatment Plant Warehouse, Generator Storage, Field Services Building Modifications, and Miscellaneous Architectural, Security and Site Improvements02/28/2018 10:00 AMOpen
Supply and Delivery of Ready Mix Concrete and Concrete ProductsNEW!03/14/2018 10:00 AMOpen
C-8 Canal Culvert, Forcemain Improvements and Forest Hill Boulevard West Bound Turn Lane Extension NEW!03/28/2018 2:00 PMOpen
Painting of Roller Hockey Rink11/07/2012 10:00 AMClosed
Supply and Delivery of Road Base06/06/2013 10:00 AMClosed
Green Market - Request for Letters of Interest10/07/2015 6:00 PMClosed
Gazebo & Walkway Repairs and Recondition03/02/2016 2:00 PMClosed
Purchase & Delivery of 3 ton Vibratory Compactor03/16/2016 2:00 PMClosed
120th Ave. South Roadway Improvements03/24/2016 2:00 PMClosed
Water Reclamation Facility Deep Injection Well Mechanical Integrity Testing03/22/2016 2:30 PMClosed
C-25 Canal Widening03/22/2016 2:00 PMClosed
Annual Contract for Sod 03/23/2016 10:00 AMClosed
Pierson Road Realignment Project04/07/2016 2:00 PMClosed
Hawthorne Park Improvements04/14/2016 2:00 PMClosed
Disaster Recovery Services04/25/2016 10:00 AMClosed
Forest Hill Blvd. C-13 Canal Culvert and Approach Project04/26/2016 2:00 PMClosed
Purchase & Delivery of Trophies, Plaques and Medals 04/14/2016 10:00 AMClosed
RE-BID C-25 Canal Widening04/26/2016 2:30 PMClosed
RE-BID Purchase & Delivery of 3 ton Vibratory Compactor04/28/2016 10:00 AMClosed
Blue Cypress Improvements06/01/2016 2:00 PMClosed
Purchase & Delivery of Sports Uniforms05/25/2016 10:00 AMClosed
Annual Lab Analyses07/14/2016 2:00 PMClosed
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consulting Services06/29/2016 10:00 AMClosed
Wastewater Treatment Facility Renewal & Replacement Project08/11/2016 2:00 PMClosed
Fuel Tank Replacement Project08/17/2016 2:00 PMClosed
Tennis Court Maintenance Services08/31/2016 10:00 AMClosed
Landscape and Irrigation Improvements for Stribling Way and Fairlane Farms Road08/29/2016 2:00 PMClosed
Request for Quotes - Landscape and Irrigation Improvement Project09/28/2016 12:00 PMClosed
Housing & Economic Impact Study01/05/2017 10:00 AMClosed
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