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Roadway Striping and Pavement Marking Services04/30/2014Awarded
Olympia Park Shade Structures05/07/2014 2:00 PMAwarded
C-23 Multiuse Path and Bridle Trail05/06/2014 2:00 PMAwarded
Purchase and Delivery Row Test Bench04/14/2014 2:00 PMCanceled
Root Pruning and Root Barrier Installation04/02/2014 9:00 AMAwarded
Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Master Plan03/26/2014Canceled
Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Master Plan03/18/2014 10:00 AMCanceled
Wellington Green Park Restroom and Storage Building03/12/2014 10:30 AMCanceled
Insurance Brokerage Services03/12/2014 10:00 AMAwarded
Payroll Outsourcing Services03/05/2014 10:00 AMAwarded
LED Lighting Fixtures, Supply and Delivery05/19/2014Awarded
Purchase and Delivery of Composting Toilets01/19/2014 10:30 AMAwarded
Pruning of Palm Trees01/23/2014 12:00 PMAwarded
Supply and Delivery of Liquid Dispersion Polymer01/30/2014Awarded
Supply and Delivery of Corrugated Aluminum Pipe01/23/2014Awarded
Remote Telemetry Units01/22/2014 10:00 AMAwarded
Supply and Installation of Poured in Place Playground Safety Surface12/19/2013 9:00 AMAwarded
Wellington Community Center and Tennis Facility11/13/2013 10:00 AMAwarded
Supply, Delivery and Installation of Landscape Materials09/11/2013 10:00 AMAwarded
Supply and Delivery of Gasoline and Diesel Fuel08/07/2013 10:00 AMAwarded
Landscape Maintenance Services - Facilities, Primary Roadways, Rustic Ranches and Equestrian Trails, Canal Banks, Slopes and Fingers07/29/2013 10:00 AMAwarded
Interim Mechanical Integrity Test for the Wastewater Treatment Facility Injection Well07/17/2013 2:30 PMAwarded
Pump Station 6 Variable Frequency Drive07/10/2013 10:00 AMAwarded
Supply and Delivery of Road Base07/10/2013 10:00 AMAwarded
Propane Fuel Conversion System06/20/2013 10:00 AMAwarded
Supply and Delivery of Road Base06/06/2013 10:00 AMClosed
Supply and Installation of Baseball Field Protective Netting09/25/2013 10:00 AMAwarded
Resurfacing of Skate Park Ramps10/02/2013 10:00 AMAwarded
Supply, Delivery, and Installation of Landscape Materials11/19/2013 10:00 AMAwarded
Supply and Delivery of Ready Mixed Concrete12/03/2013Awarded
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