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Wellington Utilities consists of Wellington's Water Treatment Facility, Wastewater Treatment Facility, Field Services, Facility Maintenance, and the Laboratory. The dual processing Water Treatment Facility was recently expanded to 12.8 Million-Gallons-A-Day additional control blocks, high service pumps, emergency generator and ancillary equipment to provide more efficient operation and ensure high quality drinking water.

The Wastewater Treatment Facility is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Water Reclamation Facility and wastewater treatment process.

Wellington recognizes the limited amount of water available and the importance of reusing treated wastewater. The Wastewater Treatment plant implemented a system of collecting water that would otherwise have been injected into the ground and redirecting it to our park irrigation system. Our water reuse program saves South Florida’s fresh water and delays any potential expansion to our water treatment plant.

It is our ultimate goal to continuously provide safe drinking water to all businesses and homes in Wellington and to conserve the limited fresh water to the best of our ability.


Water Treatment Facility: To provide a safe and reliable water supply that is adequate for all our customer needs. Meet all Federal Water Standards while maintaining water capacities to facilitate continued development.

Waste Water Treatment Facility: To provide a cost effective and environmentally sound wastewater collection, treatment and disposal system in full compliance with appropriate regulatory agencies to meet present and future needs of the community.