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Letter from the EPC Chair – October

Fellow Equestrians:
The EPC is off to a good start working on the overall goal of the Equestrian Preservation Element of the Comprehensive Plan.  We have been discussing in our last two meetings what the goal of the Comprehensive Plan should be.  It currently states: the goal of this element is to ensure the preservation and protection of the neighborhoods which comprise this area, the equestrian industry and the rural lifestyles which exist in the Equestrian Preserve.   As a committee, we are charged with the task of defining what the EPA should look like in the future.  We are diligently working on this and would love the input of the community.  Our first survey is now available here: (http://trailusage.surveyanalytics.com).  It deals with both some trail questions and thoughts on what the EPA should look like in the future.  
Our next meeting on Wednesday, October 8th will deal with a comprehensive plan amendment for the Country Place PUD.  The following Thursday, October 16th, we will begin presentations by the various venues that host equestrian activities.  As a committee, we are interested in what vision these venues have for their future, so we can incorporate that into the planning process.    Those meetings can be attended in person or watched online either thru Comcast at channel 18 or online via the following link: http://wellington.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?publish_id=2. Information packets for the meetings can be found at this link:  https://wellington.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx. As always, your input is important and highly appreciated.  You can fill out comment cards at the meetings and leave them without having to stay for the whole thing.
As we begin to welcome the return of our summer travelers, please remember to use caution as the horse traffic increases.  Just because your horse doesn't spook at a car doesn't mean another horse won't.  And riders, please remove your earphones when you ride on the roads or next to them.  Your horse is aware of the traffic; you should be as well for your own safety, as well as your horse’s safety.  As a community, we must set the example of the type of behavior that is acceptable and desirable around horses.  Until next time, enjoy the ride, have fun and be safe.
Linda Elie